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We have recently installed a 15KVA Riello Sentryum UPS unit (with unity power factor and 96.5% efficiency) in the newly created radiology department (mammography). In addition, we also installed a surgeons control panel and IPS system in the recently renovated operating theatres.


As with all services and products that we supply to the Cyprus market, we are relying on our employees and partners. Databus has recently supplied the Bank of Cyprus with the largest ever order of Magnetic Media in the Cyprus market; partnership with the IBM magnetic storage media guarantees total integrity.


Reaching higher and higher, our Riello UPSs supporting the AMARA, the latest luxury hotel in Limassol. —————————————————————————————————————–

LATEST Installation

Welcoming NOVEMBER with our latest Client Installation:

2 x Riello Multisentry 10KVA UPS in parallel connection

2 x Battery Racks with 40 blocks of Enersys very long life > 12 years design life batteries each

supporting the full load for 4 hours



Making History

Best Power UPS makes history!

After completing 22 years, 192,848 hours or 11,563,200 minutes of continuous operation, it was about time for retirement. It was only switched to bypass four times; had its batteries and fan replaced and was surveyed through the annual yearly maintenance visits. This outstanding piece of equipment- the Best Power UPS model QFD 4.3KVA has been supporting the IT department of the Grand Resort Hotel /ex Hawaii Beach Hotel in Limassol from their first day of operation. What marvelous pieces of equipment they are, as there are still more of them left in the field. I remember the company’s motto: “Best Power never stops”, what more proof is there than this?