About Us

Databus Ltd was established as a limited liability company in 1988 with the intention to serve the needs of the Microcomputer Industry in Cyprus, at that time the Directors of Databus had noticed the lack of a company supplying computer related products.

The company’s main line of products since its formation however has been A.C. control equipment. From the first year of operation the company saw the need for a dedicated power supply for computers. Therefore Databus began the importation and installation of Voltage Stabilizers and Spike Suppressors and, as the industry developed, progressed to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems).

Commencing from its outset Databus has been a distributor of Best Power in Cyprus and now Riello UPS. Throughout these years a close business relationship has been built up and consequently our company has gained considerable knowledge regarding the UPS market and its products in particular. As a matter of fact when it comes to the UPS industry in Cyprus, Databus is one of the oldest members.

Our intention at our formation was to dedicate ourselves to solving customer power problems in the most suitable way, offering advice at every level. With the dedication of the company’s management and employees Databus has become one of the most trusted and reliable UPS suppliers in the Cyprus market today. This can be seen from the ever increasing list of company clients. During these years of operation the company has managed to win on two consecutive occasions Government Tenders for the supply and installation of UPS units to various Government offices, with a five year maintenance agreement. Furthermore we have succeeded in becoming approved contractors for the supply, installation and maintenance of UPS for the British Forces in Cyprus.

Additionally to the above, the company, with its expertise, installs and commissions delicate computer and network systems

To meet the demands of our discerning customers Databus also imports and sells within the Cyprus market, computer supply products such as:

* Magnetic media

* Laser toners

* Ink cartridges and ribbons

* Antistatic computer cleaning products

* Materials handling equipment

* Datasafes