DataBus installed and currently maintains Earth Monitoring Systems, IPS’s, UPS’s, to provide support for Group II Medical locations/Operating Theatres, various Hotels, Schools, University Campuses, Forex, Shipping Companies, Radio Stations, Supermarkets and many more Government projects all around Cyprus.

Visual examples of some of the many projects undertaken by DataBus Ltd include:

Private Sector

  1. Ygeia Polyclinic (3x60KVA UPS parallel systems solution, 160KVA UPS for the Cath Lab)
  2. ΙΑΣΩ Limassol Fertility Clinic (1x 30KVA UPS)
  3. Pantheon Eye Clinic ( 3 x 8KVA UPS single systems solution)
  4. DataBus installed and currently maintains the 200KVA UPS providing support for the CT (Coronography) Body Scanner and Open MRI systems in use at the Ayios Efrem Advanced Medical Diagnosic Center, Limassol.


Public Sector

  1. Patients’ medical records for the Nicosia & Famagusta Hospitals (2x 80KVA)
  2. Theatres and wards for the Nicosia General Hospital (200KVA)
  3. Theatres and wards for the Famagusta Hospital (120KVA)
  4. Cyprus Joint Rescue  Coordination Center (1 x 50KVA)